Without Media Project

Honestly it’s been really tough for me to do this project. It’s amazing how dependent I have become of my phone and laptop. I normally say that I’m not on it much, but I realized how much I truly am while doing this assignment.

I thought that I chose the perfect time to do this project. This past Sunday I was so busy that it was nuts. So much for Sunday being the day of rest for me. I woke up at 8 AM, and told myself that I was going to do this assignment. I left my phone in my room for eleven of the twelve hours.

The reason why the timing was perfect in my choice was that I simply didn’t need my phone or laptop. I had to help set up for the truck production of the Western Illinois home softball game on Sunday morning for three hours. Then I headed over to Alfred D. Boyer Stadium to broadcast the home baseball game between Western and Fort Wayne. That got over around 4 PM. I knew once I arrived home at 4:30, I only had three and a half more hours without social media to go. With my remaining time I decided to clean the entire house, which took me all the way up until 7 PM, only an hour to go. I did pick my phone up then, and called home like I always do on Sunday night to talk with my parents back home in Freeport, Illinois. That phone call lasted an hour, and I had finally completed my 12-hour project without any media.

I learned that I have a strong urge to check all of my social media platforms every couple hours. I enjoy searching miscellaneous things on the Internet throughout the day, so that was tough. I realized how dependent I was on media, and it upset me a little. However it was nice to escape the hectic life I’ve created for myself for the majority of this past Sunday.


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